Photonics as a key enabling technology: light and communication

Dr. Mattia Mancinelli, University of Trento; Dr. Alessandro Sturniolo, SM Optics; Dr. Marco Avesani, University of Padova


Photonics studies photons and their interaction with matter, both in terms of fundamental and applied research. The aim of this science is to understand the phenomena ruling the behavior of photons, in order to boost the development of novel technologies and applications based on light. In this sense, photonics is a key enabling technology, with its central role in many fields of science such as sensing, telecommunication, quantum physics, machine learning, and biology.  In this workshop, three researchers in photonics will present important applications of optics and photonics in the field of communication: optical fiber for data transmission using light, the impact of photonics in communication networks, and cryptography using Quantum Key Distribution.