Study on Interchannel Crosstalk in Optical WDM System

Monday 16th of February at 14.30 in Aula Seminaria di Fisica,  Dr. Anamika Singh (Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay) will give a talk on Interchannel Crosstalk in Optical WDM System

Abstract: Fiber nonlinearity such as stimulated Raman scattering, cross phase modulation and self phase modulation imposes a key limitation on WDM communication system. Stimulated Raman scattering causes power transfer from one channel to another while cross phase modulation and self phase modulation causes phase modulation of WDM channels. This modulation of power and phase is denoted as crosstalk. Motivation to investigate the impact of fiber nonlinearity in terms of crosstalk in WDM optical fiber communication link employing lumped and distributed amplifiers has led to derivation of novel closed form formulae. The closed form formulae have been derived using statistical methods. The analytical study of crosstalk in WDM system employing Erbium doped fiber amplifier and distributed Raman amplifier has been conducted and impact of bit rate, input power and interchannel separation on crosstalk performance of WDM system has been investigated. Crosstalk due to fiber nonlinearity for three pumping scheme of DRA has also been investigated. Crosstalk due to nonlinearity in dynamic WDM system employing EDFA has also been studied and found to be very detrimental. Advanced optical modulation such as intensity and phase modulation formats is a key technology that can enable building of flexible and cost effective high capacity 40 Gbps optical transmission systems. In the present research work, analytical expressions have been derived for crosstalk for two modulation formats - one intensity modulation format i.e. OOK and other phase modulation format i.e. DPSK.

Biography: Dr. Anamika Singh has done her PhD in the field of Optical Communication from Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, India. She is currently pursuing her post doctoral research in Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay on developing low power terabit/sec interconnects for broadband communication links. She has published more than 10 papers in international journals, international and national conferences. Her research interests are Silicon Photonics, Optical Communication and optoelectronic devices.