Interaction of dark solitons generated in spectral compressor

Friday 13th of March at 14.30 in Aula Seminari di Fisica  Tatevik Chalyan will give a talk on Dark Solitons

Abstract: Dark solitons are of special interest, particularly for optical communication, due to their low sensibility and high stability with respect to energetic losses in the fibers. For generation and study of temporal dark solitons an improved scheme of spectral compression completed by a spatial phase-amplitude mask is proposed. The scheme allows the easy self-forming of dark solitons. The dark temporal soliton is self-formed in fiber from odd-symmetry dark pulse of non hyperbolic-tangent form and non-soliton power. 

In this work, first we studied the optimal conditions of spectral compressor for generating the dark solitons. There we show that dark solitons are generated in spectral compressor under the condition d>0.5f (d is length of dispersive delay line and f is fiber’s length measured in dispersion lengths).  Then, we investigated the interaction of dark solitons generated in spectral compressor. The results for the repulsion of pairs of temporal dark solitons, their attraction and parallel propagation are in good agreement with experimental results.