Research Fellowship in "Time REsolved multiparametric Sensing with opticAl Unstable Reservoir"


This project will develop a new paradigm of optical sensing that brings together the research topics of complex systems, machine learning and sensing. This goal will be achieved by exploiting the rich nonlinear dynamic offered by optical coupled resonators to realize a multiparameter sensor able to detect time-varying perturbations belonging to different physical phenomena. To investigate the full potential of the novel approach, we will develop a hybrid analytical/numerical model to harness the complexity offered by the system and to find general behaviours beneficial to its applications. A state-ofthe-art, CMOS-compatible silicon photonic technology will be used to fabricate photonic integrated circuits containing ad-hoc devices to validate the model and the reservoir sensor. The experimental demonstrations of the sensor will test both the ability to discern a small, controlled perturbations.


The position is for two years and the working place is at the University of Trento (
This activity is carried out in the framework of the project TREASURE.

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