In the Electrochemical Lab, we perform etching of materials by means of electrochemical reactions. The laboratory is equipped with two chemical hoods and two independent etching setups. I-V parameters are defined via software so that the complex patterns required for the Porous Silicon multilayers structures can be generated.
A spin coater and a stirred thermostated bath are also installed within this lab.
A nanofluidic setup is mounted on a designated station to characterize the diffusion properties of the fabricated (nano- to macro-) porous materials.


The following equipment is installed in the lab:
- Keithley2400 source-meter
- TTI cpx400dp power supply
- spin coater
- ElveFLow OB1 controller with microfluidic flow sensor (with pL/s resolution)
- USB portable microscope
- stirred thermostated bath