In MIR lab two different setups are available. 

1) CW setup: a tunable high power free space laser is coupled to a lensed tapered fiber that can inject ligth in the sample. For the output another fiber identical to the imput fiber is used. The CW laser can be tuned between 2 and 2.9 um and can reach 4W of power. A control for the polarization is also available.

2) Pulsed setup: a pulsed free space source procduces fs pulses with a broad band. These pulses are converted to a ps pulses using a pulse sheper and also the wavelength and the pulse width can be choosen.  Then the imput pulse can be controlled used a FTIR or coupled in the same setup that is used in the CW laser.    

Also a single emission laser at 1.55 um, an infrared camera and a detector for 1.55 um are avalaiable for the allineation procedure. Three detectors can be used for the measurements: an InGaAs extended, an InGaAs photon counter and a OSA.