The laboratory is equipped with and Atomic Force Microscope (AFM), a Scanning Near Field Microscope (SNOM) and a homemade Scanning Ion Conductance Microscope (SICM) is under development.
The laboratory can perform a wide type of analysis. The AFM is able to perform the most common types of measurements (In air: STM/ STS/ Contact AFM/ LFM/Semicontact AFM/Noncontact AFM/ Phase Imaging/ Force Modulation mode/ Spreading Resistance Imaging/ MFM/ EFM/ SCM/ SKM/ Adhesion Force Imaging/ Shear force/ AFM (Force + Voltage) Lithography, STM Lithography, RM Lithography). The SNOM apparatus share the same controller of the AFM.
The SICM setup will be optimize to perform nanofluidics experiments on inorganic materials as well as the typical measurements on cells and biological material. The instrument has a dynamic range that further exceed the one of commercial apparatus, thanks to an homemade developed electronics that allows to achieve pA current resolution at µs time resolution, and a bias range of up to 40V at mV resolution.
An inverted microscope is also owned, together with two detection systems: a photon counting system (with ns time resolution) coupled with a 0.5 focal length monochromator for the vis-NIR range and a USB monochromator for the VIS range coupled to a CCD with us time resolution. A FemtoJet dispenser is also available.


Equipment of this lab:
- inverted microscope Olympus IX-70
- Moticam2 digital camera (1600x1200 pixels, C mount adapter)
- two vision systems with variable zoom
- Physik Instruments Nanocube 3 axis closed loop piezo-movements (controllers: E-509.S31, E-503.00, E-517)
- Eppendorf Femto-Jet injection system: liquid dispenser (from few fl to 100 pl)