These laboratories are equipped with all the instruments needed to perform chemical synthesis and functionalization reactions. The Laboratories have several chemical hoods (also to perform reactions in controlled atmosphere), benches and all the labware required to perform general chemical reactions. Synthesis of semiconductors and metallic nanoparticles, as well as their surface functionalization, are routinely performed.
Three spectrometers -covering from the UV to the IR spectral range- and a solar simulator to test photocatalytic activity are also available.


A list of the main equipment installed:
Spectrometers: - Varian Cary 100 scan
- Varian Cary Eclipse
- Nicolet iN10 micro-FTIR

- Biohazard Cabinet
- Glovebox
- Centrifuges (Hettich: Universal320 and mikro120)
- Bandelin sonopuls homogeneizer
- Rotary Evaporators Laborota 4000
- LOT-Oriel Solar Simulator (35 mm beam diameter)
- Hot Plates
- Vacuum Pumps
- Ultrasonic bath