The Electroluminescence Laboratory allows the electro-optical characterization of micro/nano-electronic devices. Two darkened probe stations, resting on optical tables, are available. One is connected to a semiconductor parameter analyzer and a precision LCR meter, which make it possible to perform electrical tasks such as current-voltage, capacitance-voltage, capacitance-frequency and impedance spectroscopy measurements. The other one is equipped with another semiconductor parameter analyzer, two multichannel scalers, an arbitrary function generator, a digital oscilloscope and a grating monochromator coupled with two nitrogen cooled CCD cameras in the visible and infrared spectral range. This probe station is also equipped with two single photon detection modules, one based on a silicon APD for the visible range, the other based on a InGaAs/InP APD for the near infrared range. The measurements being collected with this setup are electroluminescence spectra (both in DC and AC regime), light emission intesity and time-resolved electroluminescence with resolution of 5 ns.
All the instruments can be controlled by dedicated LabVIEW softwares, which allow for semi-automatic measuring sessions.


The laboratory is equipped with:

Optomechanical Components: Suss MicroTech PM8 probe station. Alessi Rel-3200 probe station. 2x Optical tables

Electronics: Agilent Technologies B1500A semiconductor parameter analyser. Hewlett Packard 4145A semiconductor parameter analyser. Hewlett Packard 4284A precision LCR meter. Stanford Research Instruments SR430 multichannel scaler. Ortec Easy MCS multichannel scaler. Tektronix AFG 3252 dual channel arbitrary function generator. LeCroy 7300A 3 GHz oscilloscope. Falco system WMA-300 DC-5 MHz broad-band high voltage amplifier. Keithley 6485 Picoammeter

Optics: Princeton Instruments Spectra-Pro 2300i grating imaging monochromator. Princeton Instruments Spec-10 256E CCD visible camera. Princeton Instruments OMA V InGaAs 1024 infrared CCD camera. Ocean Optics PQ600-2-VIS-BX fiber bunch.

Detectors: Perkin Elmer SPCM-AQRH 16 single photon counting module. ID Quantique ID201 single photon detection module. UDT Sensors PIN-10DF large area p-i-n photodiode.

Misc: Multimeter, voltage and current sources.