On October 27th, in Café de la Paix Trento (Passaggio Teatro Osele 6/8, Trento) there will be Day of Photonics

The Day of Photonics is a biennial event born with the aim to promote photonics beyond the academic institutions. 

On October 21st  there will be Workshop on Convergent Micro-Nano-Bio Science and Technologies

Location: Open Space EIT - FBK Povo, Via Sommarive 18

The workshop is organized jointly  by LABBSAH and Nanoscience Laboratory (Dept. of Physics - UniTN)​


Enabling of hidden quantum paths in an asymmetric Mach-Zehnder interferometer

In recent years, research on photonic quantum technologies has seen a rapid grow. Quantum devices have started to move from the university laboratories to market applications.

A movie to introduce you to the application scope of SiQuro has been realized