We congratulate Tatevik Chalyan – best oral presentation winner at Optics 2015 (Optics and its Applications 2015 -  October 1 - 5, 2015 Yerevan - Ashtarak, Armenia).

We should also congratulate Romain who has directed her work! This result is always an outcome of a team work.

Site of the Conference

Ultra-high-Q thin-silicon nitride strip-loaded ring resonators

L. Stefan, M. Bernard, R. Guider, G. Pucker, L. Pavesi, and M. Ghulinyan

Optics Letters Vol. 40, Issue 14, pp. 3316-3319 (2015) doi: 10.1364/OL.40.003316

Second order nonlinearity in Si by inhomogeneous strain and electric fields  

Jörg Schilling, Clemens Schriever, Federica Bianco, Massimo Cazzanelli, Lorenzo Pavesi

Proc. SPIE 9546, Active Photonic Materials VII, 95461T; doi:10.1117/12.2190136

Mechanical stress relief in porous silicon free standing membranes

Romain Guider, Cristina Traversa, and Paolo Bettotti

Opt. Mater. Express 5, 2128-2135 (2015)

Design and Optimization of SiON Ring Resonator-Based Biosensors for Aflatoxin M1 Detection

Romain Guider,  Davide Gandolfi, Tatevik Chalyan, Laura Pasquardini, Alina Samusenko, Georg Pucker, Cecilia Pederzolli and Lorenzo Pavesi

Sensors  (July 2015)