The second year annual assembly of the project SIQURO will be on  Friday 18th of September 2015. Before it, a course on Silicon Detectors for PhD students and scientists will be organized on 16th and 17th September at FBK. 

The seminar "Student’s Talks to students" will be held on Thursday 4th of June at 9.00 a.m. in Aula Seminari di Fisica.

We congratulate Tatevik Chalyan – best oral presentation winner at DOC 2015 (Development in Optics and Communication 2015 -  April 8 - 10, 2015 Riga, Latvia) 

Here you can find a full interview with Tatevik Chaylan. 

The course on Quantum Photonics will be held On Tuesday 19th of May and on Wednesday 20th of May. The course is organized within the project SiQuro

UNITRENTO magazine published the article about the Biosensing Workshop held at the Department of Physics, UNITN n 30th of March, 2015