Silicon Photonics IV Systems and Applications

 L. Pavesi, D.J. Lockwood (Eds.)

This fourth book in the series Silicon Photonics gathers together reviews of recent advances in the field of silicon photonics that go beyond already established and applied concepts in this technology.


A FEM enhanced Transfer Matrix method for optical grating design

C. Zaccaria, M. Mancinelli, L. Pavesi

Journal of Lightwave Technology (Volume: 39, Issue: 11, June, 2021)
Page(s): 3521 - 3530

Mr. Riccardo Franchi has won SPIE Optics and Photonics Education Scholarship. 



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Nonlinearity-Induced Reciprocity Breaking in a Single Nonmagnetic Taiji Resonator 

A. Muñoz de las Heras, R. Franchi, S. Biasi, M. Ghulinyan, L. Pavesi, and I. Carusotto 

Phys. Rev. Applied 15, 054044 (2021)
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevApplied.15.054044

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