Thursday 20th of October at 14.30 in Aula Seminaria di Fisica,  Foroogh Sarbishe Khozeymeh (University of Kurdistan Hewler, Iran) will give a talk on WGM Optical Biosensors

We welcome Foroogh Sarbishe Khozeymeh  who will spend six months in the lab from University of Kurdistan Hewler  (Iran) working on the subject of Analysis and modeling of bio-sensors based on optical whispering gallery resonators 


On October 27th, in Café de la Paix Trento (Passaggio Teatro Osele 6/8, Trento) there will be Day of Photonics

The Day of Photonics is a biennial event born with the aim to promote photonics beyond the academic institutions. 

On October 21st  there will be Workshop on Convergent Micro-Nano-Bio Science and Technologies

Location: Open Space EIT - FBK Povo, Via Sommarive 18

The workshop is organized jointly  by LABBSAH and Nanoscience Laboratory (Dept. of Physics - UniTN)​


Enabling of hidden quantum paths in an asymmetric Mach-Zehnder interferometer

In recent years, research on photonic quantum technologies has seen a rapid grow. Quantum devices have started to move from the university laboratories to market applications.

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